How I took a single Facebook group post back in January 2020 and grew it into a six-figure side hustle during the pandemic

Image by author — My first day in the new e-commerce video studio

For those of you already running your own companies full-time, I’m sure you can think back to when you finally made the decision to go all-in. Somewhere deep down, you had a burning passion that was telling you to just do it, regardless of how many of your loved ones told you you’re crazy.

My whiteboard planning on a particularly busy week (took a week of PTO to work on side hustles)

It’s Friday; the typical “work week” near its end for many. Think about where you’re currently at in your week. Have you done everything you set out to do by this point? Or, like most of us, has life and its competing priorities once again caused you to fall behind on that growing list of weekly to-do items?

Whether launching and scaling an e-commerce brand, an online course, a digital product, or simply just building a digital presence for a local business, there’s no question that video is an absolute necessity to stay ahead in today’s age of digital consumption.

How great would it be if someone handed you $150k to spend on Facebook ads to grow your business? It would magically solve ALL of your growth problems, wouldn’t it?

“A large proportion of the revenue went toward paying for Facebook ads to bring traffic to the site,” an email…

According to recent research by The Hustle and Amazon merchant tool Jungle Scout, the term “baby yoda” was searched over 500k times on Amazon alone this past month, following the success of the cute little guy debuting on Disney+’s Star Wars: The Mandalorian last month. That’s a 40,874% increase over the previous 30-day period.

The report also claims that the top 47 “Baby Yoda” products on Amazon, which are largely fake and unofficial, have sold an average of 1,842 times each, at an average…

For those of you active on Instagram (or any social media), you’ve probably noticed a barrage of reposted images of that woman sitting poolside in a red one-piece swimsuit from friends in order to receive a free swimsuit. Soon after going viral, people were calling it a massive failure, which you’ll soon read why; however, this could not have gone better for them in the end.

For the past 68 years, seeing infomercials on TV has been nothing new. Whether it was someone we grew to love or someone we grew tired of 5 seconds after seeing them, home shopping network and infomercial producers have tried every approach out there to get their product in front of our eyes — that is until I stumbled upon what I’d call the QVC for millennials.

The day had finally come when it was time to move a close friend of mine home from her internship at the Georgia Aquarium, and this meant I needed to find a one-way method of transportation up there. It may have taken a couple glasses of bourbon to originally convince me that taking a trip from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA via Greyhound bus was a good idea, but I decided why not go for it.

Justin Kelsey

Creating scroll-stopping video ads for e-comm brands. Founder @ Former strategy consultant sharing my thoughts on advertising and productivity.

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